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Any of this sound familiar?

If you struggle with knowing how to parent, you're certainly not alone! Parents just want the best for their children, but they often feel lost and overwhelmed or struggle to truly connect with their child. Whether it's the terrible twos, the rambunctious elementary years, or the tense independence of teens, striking the right balance between encouragement and discipline is hard. How do we help our kids build grit and resilience without compromising a foundation of love and safety?

Finally, a step-by-step guide for the journey of parenthood

A KindGoodHappy™ï¸ membership unleashes all your resourcefulness to tackle the daily ups and downs of parenting. Our program empowers you with proven techniques used by expert psychologists to:

  • Stamp out family conflict
  • Create pockets of quality time with your child
  • Build emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Pave their way to happiness and success

For the price of 1 coffee per month and only 10 minutes a week, you can make sure your kids are set up to receive the best in life! Our program creates bite-sized experiences for you to connect with your child, tap into what makes them tick, and strengthen their foundation for personal wellbeing and healthy relationships.


Why does EQ matter?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is our ability to understand emotions in ourselves and others. High EQ guides us to make the best decisions in life, and it's linked to improved academic scores and success in the workplace. Fortune 500 companies actively seek hires with high EQ and often prioritize it over work experience.

Even more importantly, high EQ increases self-esteem, improves self-control, reduces conflict and frustration, and makes it easier for us to find joy. You know, all the things you ever wanted for your child.

A screen that enhances life off-screen

In today's screen-driven world, it can be hard to teach kids the right way to interact with other humans. KindGoodHappy harnesses technology as a tool, but that's where the screen stops. Each activity is designed for parents and kids to do together, creating pockets of quality time and inspiring you to have conversations you wouldn't have otherwise had.

Practice Makes You Better

Just like the 10,000 hours theory of deliberate practice, our program is built on the premise that practice always makes you better. In the same way that some kids are natural athletes or musicians, some kids are naturally gifted with high EQ while others need to work at it. But even the best athletes need to train to hone their skills, and the same goes for EQ. No matter what your child's initial skill level is, Odyssey acts as their personal EQ trainer that guides them through dozens of skill-building exercises. Our scientifically-based curriculum was built by PhD psychologists, so you can rest assured that your child's on the right track!



Melodie (parent)

This is a wonderful program that has allowed me to spend quality time with my son doing fun exercises that help him to develop his emotional intelligence. The exercises are short, simple, and fun. He is learning how to identify, describe, and resolve feelings which is something that is not taught enough, yet is so important to being able to navigate situations effectively. Thank you for this wonderful program!

Diana (school counselor)

Thank you so much for creating a program that gives families the opportunity to connect and dialogue in real, genuine and meaningful ways. KindGoodHappy is powerful!

Alison (parent)

We did have a lot of fun. We had a random pack of different sized balloons so we made a few and then had a balloon fight after with the ones filled with air. It was a fun night and without the original task of making our stress ball, we never would have pulled the balloons out of the drawer. So thank you for encouraging an out of the norm fun Friday night for our family!

Heidi (school counselor)

As an elementary school counselor in VUSD for fourteen years, KindGoodHappy has been the long awaited, evidence based Social-Emotional Learning resource that I've been waiting for! The program is innovative in nature, engaging to students, and is designed to equip families with tools to nurture skills like, empathy, confidence, compassion, resilience, and more! Now more than ever, social and emotional development is essential to educating the WHOLE CHILD and I'm so grateful that I can finally share this amazing program with my student's and families. WELL DONE TEAM!

Amy (parent and teacher)

As a mother and a teacher, I am so appreciative of the impact KindGoodHappy has on children. While we are sheltering in place, my son and I start each weekday with an activity that will help our mindfulness and gratitude ... and KindGoodHappy is perfectly aligned with this goal. My son loves being the hero and having me as his guide. Because of the kindness path in the program, he has brought joy to many people in our lives who need extra love right now, especially through the letter he wrote to his aunt who is an ICU nurse helping COVID-19 patients. She said the letter brought her tears of joy and was exactly what she needed to keep going. Another part of his KindGoodHappy path was to write letters of encouragement to two friends and deliver them at school. Since school is closed, we delivered the letters to his friends’ porches, along with a few treats. The feeling of joy my son felt in doing this inspired him to write more letters to brighten the days of more friends. The positive impact that KindGoodHappy has on our emotional intelligence is incredibly powerful ... and now, more than ever, it is absolutely critical. Thank you for creating this opportunity for my son and I to develop our EQ each day, while bonding with one another and spreading kindness.

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