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COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #7

covid-19 pandemic social skills tips to promote sel Apr 01, 2020

Checking in

How are you doing today? We're hoping that this post finds you safe and healthy. For many of us, we'll continue staying safer at home for the next couple of weeks in order to flatten the curve. However, while many of us are locked down in our homes/apartments, there are people who are facing COVID-19 head on.

Tip #7: Show gratitude to the front line workers

We can't imagine the physical and emotional toll that COVID-19 is having on healthcare workers and first responders. They are the true heroes in the fight against this pandemic. In times like these, showing gratitude especially when we can't help directly, can have a meaningful impact not only for others, but also for ourselves. Here are some ways to show gratitude...

Clap for healthcare workers - All around the world, people are showing their gratitude by clapping outside for healthcare workers during a shift change. Clapping was heard from NYC to Spain to Canada to the UK. Even James Bond put down his shaken not stirred martini to show his appreciation. #ClapBecauseWeCare #ClapForOurCarers #Solidarityat8 #WeApplaud

Make a sign - Make a sign and put it in your window or on your fence. This East Grand Rapids neighborhood put 22 signs along a main street located a block from Blodgett Hospital. As one resident put it, doing this was a way to "wrap our arms around the health care community." What an awesome way to give a hug from afar!

Sidewalk messages - Get out the sidewalk chalk and get writing! Today's image is direct from our own neighborhood (it's actually what inspired today's post). Other messages were, "We're in this together," "You're not alone," and "Ask 4 help or Give what you can." What positive and inspirational message can you write? 

Make a donation - Help hospitals get the PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) they need to keep healthcare workers safe during this fight. Check out #GetUsPPE, Direct Relief, Thrive Global, or your local hospital to donate. No amount is too small. 

Until next time, we're here for you and in this together. #WereInThisTogether #TogetherWeCan

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