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Friday Feature: Odyssey Partners with Vista Unified School District

partnerships Jun 26, 2020

Odyssey & Vista Unified Partner Up

We can't believe that summer is here. The end of this past school year was a serious doozie! Our heads are still spinning from all of the pivoting we had to do. 

COVID-19 really shook things up and made us adapt. Now, we're all pros at WFH, we have a new appreciation for our teachers, and frontline workers redefined our pictures of heroes. We all tried to make the best of what we were given and were thrilled when the Vista Unified School District (VUSD) asked us if they could use our Odyssey program to meet the social-emotional needs of their students on their virtual school platform. Um, "YES!" 

With a reach of almost 10,000 elementary school families, we were thrilled to be able to bring our fun, easy, and science-based program to every single elementary school in VUSD for free during a time of global crisis. We knew that actively supporting the emotional fitness of kids and their parents, and making it easily accessible to everyone, was the best chance we had at making a meaningful change during a ridiculously tough time. 

Can we toot our own horns?

Ok, we could go on and on and on about our love affair with this partnership, but that would get old real quick. So, don't take our word for it. Here's what kids, parents, and professionals said about using Odyssey this past year: 

"The best thing that came out of playing Odyssey was seeing my daughter's happiness while playing." 

 "Thank you so much for creating a program that gives families the opportunity to connect and dialogue in real, genuine, and meaningful ways. Odssey is powerful!"

"Because of the kindness path in Odyssey, my son has brought joy to many people in our lives who need extra love right now, especially through the letter he wrote to his aunt who is an ICU nurse helping COVID-19 patients."

"This is a wonderful program that has allowed me to spend quality time with my son doing fun exercises that help him to develop his emotional intelligence. The exercises are short, simple, and fun. He is learning how to identify, describe, and resolve feelings which is something that is not taught enough, yet is so important to being able to navigate situations effectively. Thank you for this wonderful program!"

"The positive impact that Odyssey has on our emotional intelligence is incredibly powerful...and now, more than ever, it is absolutely critical. Thank you for creating this opportunity for my son and I to develop our EQ each day, while bonding with one another and spreading kindness."

Ok, we're blushing. That's enough. In all seriousness, we were so thrilled to be able to provide a much-needed service to an entire school district during an unprecedented time. And guess what? This love affair gets to continue next year! Yup, VUSD has asked to use Odyssey again next year. Of course, we said, "Ohhhhhh, Yeah!"

If you aren't familiar with our program, check out this link. Don't worry, if you aren't affiliated with VUSD, you can still access our program, which is going to be available to the public real soon. What? You didn't think we could leave without a shameless plug, did you? 


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