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SEL Spotlight: Responsible Decision-Making

responsible decision-making sel basics Jun 20, 2020
SEL Basics

SEL Spotlight Series

Welcome back to our Friday Feature series! 

Today, we're going to finish up our SEL Spotlight Series by taking a deeper dive into Responsible Decision-Making, one of the five competencies of social-emotional learning. If you missed any part of this series, it's never too late to go back and check out the posts on the other four competencies (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills). Let's get to it!

Responsible Decision-Making

Responsible decision-making is a skill made up of a lot of skills. Having a solid foundation in the other four competencies lays the groundwork for this skill, which is the ability to make real-time respectful choices given the understanding of ethics, safety, and social norms. In other words, this suite of skills allows us to make choices about our behavior when taking into account social norms and when also using our moral compass. 

As you can see, responsible decision-making is complex. It calls for the ability to pause, self-reflect, and think. It calls for empathy and the understanding that we are all connected by our humanity and experiences. It calls for a realistic evaluation of our behavior and the ability to take accountability for our actions. And finally, responsible decision-making asks for us to think of not only ourselves but also for the well-being of others.

Being a good critical thinker is someone who is a solid responsible decision-maker. The ability to make decisions in a complex web of ethics, norms, rules, and the consideration of all, is hard. If this is hard to picture, imagine a great leader or a global citizen

We believe that empowering children with all of the SEL competencies is our world's best chance at securing a better, brighter, and more joyful future for all. We also believe that it's never too late to strengthen one's emotional fitness. That's why our program focuses on the simultaneous growth of the parent and the child through little pockets of experiences. Building SEL skills doesn't have to be cumbersome, rather, integrating small actions into everyday events is what will make all the difference. We believe that it's entire possible to make positive global changes one action at a time.



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