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Connect with families to grow your business

Becoming a KindGoodHappy sponsor lets you effortlessly connect with thousands of families. Being introduced by the school establishes you as a trusted partner, and families get consistent exposure to your brand as they play KindGoodHappy over the course of the entire school year. In today's economy, KindGoodHappy's variety of sponsorship options fit well in any marketing budget.

Show your commitment to schools and the community

Business sponsors allow schools to meet their social-emotional learning (SEL) requirements free of budget constraints. Since SEL is proven to increase success in school and future careers, sponsorship helps you make a meaningful difference. Pave the way for students to achieve more in life, help develop our future workforce, and empower the future generation with habits that promote social justice.

Help schools solve the root cause of today's troubled emotional climate

Today's kids are busier and more stressed than ever, and that was even before the pandemic turned our lives upside down or the social-political climate became so turbulent. Not to mention our screen-filled world makes it harder for kids to relate to others or have an appropriate reaction to conflict. Research shows that emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical for navigating these challenges.

Why does EQ matter? 

EQ is our ability to understand emotions in ourselves and others. High EQ guides us to make the best decisions in life, and it's linked to improved academic scores and success in the workplace. Fortune 500 companies actively seek hires with high EQ and often prioritize it over work experience. Even more importantly, high EQ increases self-esteem, improves self-control, reduces conflict and frustration, and makes it easier for us to find joy. You know, all the things kids really need!

EQ is so important that federal and state policies promote social-emotional learning programs in schools. But in the real world of limited funding and budget cuts, it's challenging for schools to meet their EQ objectives. Throw in any socioeconomic barriers, and EQ is an even farther reach for the kids who need it most to succeed in life.

KindGoodHappy is a scientifically-based curriculum that uses a novel approach to develop kids' EQ through practice and experience. By bringing KindGoodHappy to schools, you're empowering them with a robust EQ curriculum that will instill life-changing habits in the next generation.

How does it work?

Students Play KindGoodHappy

Schools implement KindGoodHappy as part of their SEL curriculum. When you sponsor a school's KindGoodHappy program, families recognize your business as a trusted supporter of their school and an agent of change.

Earn Points

Families earn points for each activity completed. They're motivated to play since each point earned is a chance to win prizes.

Win Prizes

Exciting prize drawing events get students pumped up! Your brand is showcased during the weeks leading up to and during the prize drawing, creating a mental link between your business and the fun and excitement of winning.

Sponsorship Levels

$250 - $2,500


  • Listing on school sign-up page
  • 1 promo* for each $250 donated
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$2,600 - $4,900


  • Sponsor Spotlight** video showcases your positive impact on the community
  • Option to donate products/services as part of your contribution value
  • 1 promo* for each $250 donated
  • Listing on school sign-up page
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> $5,000


  • Water bottle with your logo distributed to all students
  • Category exclusivity (no competing businesses can sponsor same schools)
  • Sponsor Spotlight** video showcases your positive impact on the community
  • Option to donate products/services as part of your contribution value
  • 1 promo* for each $250 donated
  • Listing on school sign-up page
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*Promos for your business are pushed out to school families, promoted on social media, and include a link to your website.

**Sponsor Spotlight video showcases how much you care about your community and is pushed out to school families and featured on social media.

Grow your brand while helping kickstart families and schools on their road to success.

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